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About UK250

Who Are We?

UK250 is a young company with lots of experience. UK250 Limited was formed by a number of mature business people with several years experience in a number of relevant fields. Our Chairmain, Richard Simmons, came up with the UK250 concept after becoming frustrated with trying to find information through traditional search engines. Remembering this frustration Richard discovered that this frustration was a common experience:

"Discussing the Internet with fellow users, it became evident that people resented their time wasted by embarking on a supposedly fast electronic journey and then either not arriving where expected or taking ages to get there. Then I thought 'if you were in the library looking for information on antiques you wouldn't look up antiques in an encyclopedia, you would go straight to a book about antiques...why can't the Internet be like that?"

Richard Simmons, Chairman UK250 Limited

Search Engine Frustration Overcome

The World Wide Web has become a victim of its own success. With over a billion web pages out there in cyberspace, users are all too often frustrated by the difficulty of locating good quality websites which meet their needs. Businesses, institutions and individuals are equally frustrated because they feel they could better exploit the potential of the Internet if only quality traffic could find their sites.

UK250 attempts to overcome these problems by trying to unite serious users with quality websites - simply, efficiently and above all, quickly.

Not a Search Engine - Only the Best Selected

UK250 is a subscription based service. We invite businesses and organisations with good websites to pay to be listed on our website. In return, we will drive ever increasing numbers of our visitors to the sites we list. However, in order for the concept to work the maximum of links per UK250 category has been limited to 100.

Sites are selected if they fulfil the following criteria:

Balanced Content

Once our editors have reviewed and graded every site, we attempt to create a balanced mix of sites within each UK250 category. This is intended to maintain the interest of the user and reduce competition between too many similar websites.

Rotation of Position

Every day, we rotate the position of the links in our categories thus ensuring that every link will feature in a Top 10 position.

Driving Traffic to our Customers

The ultimate aim of any website is to attract users. Yet site owners are faced with the difficulties of obtaining and maintaining top positions in the search engines and managing to secure a really memorable domain name. Additionally, the vast majority of websites cannot afford the frightening costs of media publicity.

UK250 provides a solution with a national marketing campaign, generic domain names and exploitation of the traditional search engines:

Generic Domain Names

Our domain names are intended to be easy to remember so that with a couple of clicks users will be able to go directly to our customers' websites.

Search Engines

A search for our categories in other search engines should soon begin to identify UK250 as a good match. Ratings in traditional search engines should also be improved by UK250 categories having relevant keywords in the domain addresses. As each UK250 category is interlinked by the main index site, users should be encouraged to move easily from one site to another within this powerful interconnected ring.

Visitor Tracking

To enable accurate reporting to subscribers, UK250 tracks all URL's through an internal "tracking page" and records the hits in a centralised database. The process of hit recording is completed quickly with no adverse effect seen by visitors to UK250 and subsequent subscribers sites. UK250 records hits to subscribers sites to enable core internal process monitoring and facilitate statistical feedback for it's clients. The hit recording process is mandatory for all sites in the UK250 directory and has no 'opt-out' facility.

If you would like to know more about UK250 and how we could help your business or organisation, then please use our online submission form or contact us